The opening picture on your left is the town of Tze Li, outside of Chengde. We stopped off on the side of the road for a rest stop. One cannot describe in words a Chinese bathroom in the middle of the countryside. It is something that must be experienced first hand.

But the lack of development that makes the bathrooms in China simple and unique also makes the houses simple and the countryside,

rivers, fields, and trees beautiful. The rest stop also gave me an opportunity to spend some time talking with Shao-Lin Masters, like John Turner from Denver, Colorado. It was one of my most memorable moments; strolling through a old, poor Chinese town and discussing traditional Shao-Lin Kung-Fu with the Associate Master.

Our destination on this leg of the tour was the town of Chengde, where martial art master, Sun Jiang Ping, was waiting to receive us. We pulled up to a curb lined with wu shu performers who made us feel very welcome. After exiting the bus, we made our way through the front door, up a flight of stairs, and into a large gym filled with over a hundred people. A new floor had just been put in and wu shu students were eager to demonstrate their skills.

A joint performance commenced as master Sun Jiang Ping's students opened with a lion dance. In a friendly exchange of performances Shao-Lin students and Chinese wu shu practitioners alternated on the floor.

Once again, Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' graced the crowd with a once-in-a-lifetime performance, wielding the Pa Kua Sun & Moon Forks!

After the performances, the Elder Masters and the Shao-Lin Grandmaster, Sin Kwang The', were honored with banners and calligraphy scrolls from the host, Sun Jiang Ping.