Shao-Lin temple in Fukien Province has always been steeped in myth. Did it ever exist? Or was it legend that movies are made of?

Although the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers have always maintained that our Shao-Lin lineage is directly linked to the Fukien Shao-Lin Temple, there were many who dismissed the claim...

In 1990, a local Fukien farmer was tilling the land and he unexpectedly hit stone. After digging around the area, he realized that he had struck the foundation of an ancient structure! The authorities were immediately called in. After two years of excavation, archaeologists confirmed that was indeed the famous Southern Shao-Lin Temple!

In 2000, the Year of the Dragon, Shao-Lin students were the first Westerners to officially visit the newly reconstructed temple. In a beautiful ceremony of huge crowds, festive music, and firecrackers, a tablet was unveiled, denoting the lineage of the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers and Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'. Tablet rubbings can be seen hanging on the walls of most of the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers.

In 2004, students returned to the Southern Shao-Lin Temple where this time, the ceremony in front of the CSC tablet was to promote Senior Masters David and Sharon Soard to 8th Degree Black Belt Elder Masters! Training with Grandmaster The' for over 35 years, they are most dedicated and most successful martial artists and instructors.

Other highlights included joint performances of CSC Traditional Kung-Fu and the local Putian wushu group. Some CSC students tested at the Fukien Temple to the next belt rank, including Albuquerque student, Adam Collingsworth, who advanced into 3rd Degree Black Belt!

Perhaps the greatest moment of the trip was the opportunity to witness the Shao-Lin Grandmaster, Sin Kwang The', demonstrate the Pa Kua Sun and Moon Forks! Spinning, slashing, and jabbing, each section climaxed into a whirlwind of attacks! It was by far the most memorable martial performance of our visit to China!