The Shao-Lin monks resided in three different Fukien temples at different points in history. The Fukien Temple in Qanzhou was one of them. There were many parts under construction during our visit and as you'll notice, the temple walls are located right against the city! As the opening picture to the left shows, the entrance was a beautifully grand archway where the famous Shao-Lin monks are carved into its side.


Flanking the front of the temple are two gigantic trees that have been standing for over 500 years! Inside the temple, one will find gold, life-sized statues of the 18 Lohans sitting against the walls. The back of the temple exits into a small hillside with thick brush and sharp, thorny plants. Making your way through the thickness, one will emerge into a small clearing where a graveyard is located. The journey is not without a price however, as giant mosquito-like insects devoured half a dozen Shao-Lin students. Some came back with enormous bites and stings across the legs, arms, neck, and face. Visitors are warned to visit the Temple site in the middle of the day and not near the day's end to avoid those pesky bugs!