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All Chinese Shao-Lin Center Head Instructors are required to maintain all their previous ranking material as well as attend special Instructor Seminars and Training Workshops organized by Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard every six months. During these workshops, Head Instructors continue their intense training for advancement, correct and polish previous material, are given business and instruction training, and are reevaluated. All CSC Head Instructors must also re-certify their teaching credentials each and every year.

Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan All classes in Albuquerque are taught by Certified Head Instructors, Master Abram Tamez and Associate Master Leslie Phillips. Their training is ongoing and they are the only two people in New Mexico certified to teach Shao-Lin Kung-Fu by a Shao-Lin Grandmaster.

Master Tamez and Master Phillips are full-time Shao-Lin instructors and all of their martial training have been at Chinese Shao-Lin Centers under the direction of Certified Head Instructors, Certified 8th Degree Black Belt Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard.

Abram Tamez has received intense, uninterrupted training in the Shao-Lin art since 1997. He has attained the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt and continues to train advance toward 7th Degree Black Belt with new, more complex material including various branches of Praying Mantis Boxing and Monkey Boxing, as well as weapon styles such as Double Daggers and TaMo Fighting Canes (Crutches of War).

Leslie Phillips has received intense, uninterrupted training in the Shao-Lin art since 200, has achieved the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt and continues to train and advance toward 6th Degree Black Belt Master level with new, more complex material including extensive internal chi kung training such as Buddha Family Fist, Tai Chi Ch'uan empty-hand & weapons, and Tien Hsueh death point/pressure point striking, as well as rare weapons such as Omei Daggers and Iron Chopsticks!

Master Tamez and Master Phillips have each learned well over 108 different authentic Shao-Lin forms, are proficient in over 20 different Shao-Lin weapons, and have each studied over a dozen internal areas of Classical Shao-Lin Kung-Fu, including Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and Hsing-I!

Master Phillips and Master Tamez have traveled extensively to popular as well as remote locations throughout China. They have met with Head Abbots at the Shao-Lin Tempe in Honan Province and on Wudan Mountain as well as engaged in friendly sparring and push hands with various Masters in the Orient. They have demonstrated classical Shao-Lin Kung-Fu for audiences at the famous Shao-Lin Temple in Honan province, the southern Fukien Shao-Lin Temple, Wudan Mountain, Inner Mongolia, Chengde, and Shandong province. They have visited important historical sites and cities including The original Shao-Lin Temple in Honan, the famous Wudan Mountain Temple, the Southern Shao-Lin Temple in Qanzhou, the Southern Shao-Lin Temple in Putian, the historic Water Margin stronghold in Shandong, the home of Confucius, Taishan Mountain, Huangshan Mountain, Huashan Mountain, the ancient capital of Xian (Terra Cotta Soldiers), the Leishan Giant Buddha, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tibet, and have walked upon multiple parts of the Great Wall of China! Master Tamez is also among the first non-family persons to receive special permission from the Chinese government to visit the private tomb of the great Pa Kua Master, Tung Hai Chuan in 2004!

One of their major goals in New Mexico is to pass on the knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of the Shao-Lin art the way it is presented to them by their instructors, Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard!


Albuquerque Chinese Shao-Lin Center annually hosts 8th Degree Elder Masters Sharon and David Soard.

Albuquerque Martial Arts

2015 Elder Master Visit (Fall):


(Wudan Monk's Fly Whisk)

Albuquerque Martial Arts

2016 Elder Master Visit (Spring):


(2nd Road)

Albuquerque Martial Arts

2016 Elder Master Visit (Fall):


Albuquerque Martial Arts

2017 Elder Master Visit (Spring):


Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan

2017 Elder Master Visit (Fall):

Black Belt Pre-testing,
Lower Belt & Brown Belt Testing

Saturday, Ocotber 21, 2017 (8AM)

Saturday, Ocotber 21, 2017 (11AM)

You must be an active student in good standing at an affiliated
Chinese Shao-Lin Center to attend these festivals and seminars!

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